TSSEA Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association


Membership News

The total membership of the TSSEA remains much the same as last year, those retiring being roughly the same as the numbers of new members joining. It is significant to note that university membership has greatly increased - there now being nine whereas two years ago there were only three. Each of these members undertake research and development in thermal spraying and other surfacing technologies. Bearing in mind the substantial changes in the structure of the supply industries which have taken place in the past few years, together with the widening scope of surface technologies, such research and development is most important to ensure that innovation continues to be a dominant feature of such processes such as thermal spraying and vapour deposition.

TSSEA Approval of Thermal Spraying Operators
BS EN ISO 14918 Approval Testing of Thermal Spraying Operators.

The TSSEA has announced its intention to undertake operators qualification as a service to its members. The standard clearly defines the level of skills and knowledge required to obtain approval in any, or all, of the four principal methods of thermal spraying currently in use.

  • Flame spraying of wires or powders using Oxy/Fuel systems
  • Arc spraying
  • Plasma spraying
  • High Velocity Oxy/Fuel spraying. (HVOF)
Coating materials are divided into the following groups:-
  • Zinc
  • Aluminium for corrosion protection
  • Metals and alloys Self Fluxing alloys (fused coatings)
  • Metal based carbides/Carbides
  • Oxide ceramics

The operator may elect to be tested in the application of any material representative of one or more of the above groups by any of the appropriate methods. Successful candidates will be certificated in the specific areas tested and will be qualified by the TSSEA as having met the requirements of the standard.

The value of such a qualification, particularly for contract services, cannot be overestimated. At the same time the establishment of this qualification will ensure that the correct procedures are observed by operators, thus raising the level of coating quality. Please contact the secretary for more detailed information.

Publications and Standards

The TSSEA continues its involvement in establishing Euro and International Standards, publication of "Coatings" (quarterly) and conferences, which are now held three-times a year. Our work on the Code of Practice for the safe operation, installation and maintenance of thermal spraying processes is now available. The official publication of the TSSEA is "Coatings" containing news items, articles and details of recent developments.

Affiliation to Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
The TSSEA is affiliated with the institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.


Our helpline relating to all aspects of surface engineering is very busy, but enquiries are always welcome so that the best selections of materials and processes for any application can be achieved wherever possible.